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Why use a Life Coach?

A Life Coach can help determine your goals and dreams, uncover the fear blocking you from moving ahead and reaching your happy, healthy, successful future.

• Facing surgery, feeling unprepared
• Concerns after surgery regarding progress
• Issues following brain surgery
• Decrease stressors from your life
• Overwhelmed, you need someone to talk to
• Coping survival of serious illness or injury
• Life and chronic disease
• Living with chronic pain
• Lose weight, gain health, enjoy your body
• Begin or go back to college / graduate school

ROMA Life Coaching is the place
to go when you are having trouble putting the
pieces of your life together.

Now its up to you to decide

A Life Coach can help with just about anything else you can
think of. This is all about YOU. You decide what is bothering YOU. Together WE will work on removing obstacles, allowing YOU to move ahead. Nothing is too big or too small and
together WE will conquer all!

Removing Obstcales

We use techniques such as the exploration of personal and life experiences, encouragement, information, and knowledge. This information is helpful throughout the coaching experience. Trust is an important component of the life coaching process. Trust doesn’t come immediately for most, but over time as we work through your problems, the trust will develop, and communication will be easier with each visit.

ROMA Life Coaching

Moving Ahead

Our coaching ultimately is about you, the person. It is not about the problem. Together we look at your abilities, strengths, weaknesses, personality, passions and life purposes. Through this exploration, the coach comes to know the person, how he/she thinks, feels and acts. This allows coach and client to establish plans toward setting and achieving your goal.

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